Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's a Book-A-Palooza!

I have known for many years that one of the keys to maintaining students' motivation to read is having a steady flow of new and interesting books come into the class library. With budget constraints, this is not always easy to accomplish. 
Recently, we were fortunate that our district recognized and fulfilled this need by purchasing 250 new books for each upper elementary classroom  

On Friday I introduced just half of the books to each of our literacy groups.  What ensued was a book frenzy!  

The students had a blast perusing the piles, sharing with each other, and grabbing a few titles for themselves. 

With books at various reading and interest levels, there was something for everyone.  

 Here are just a few of the fiction titles. 



I was so thrilled that half of the books are nonfiction, a genre our class library was lacking.

It was a reading teacher's dream to see how excited the students were and to listen to them tell each other about the books they found.  

 Their next question....."When can we open the other two boxes?"