Thursday, June 12, 2014

Save the Wombat Update

Upon learning about the endangerment of the wombat, students Kayleigh and Caroline wanted to do something to help. We have been collecting change (and bills) for the last two weeks and have raised $47.46!!

This money will be donated to The Wombat Foundation on behalf of the class. 

Way to be community contributers! 

Six Word Memoirs

This week the students wrote six-word memoirs. The concept is based on a challenge issued to Earnest Hemingway. Basically, a person attempts to sum up their life story in six words. They are very fun to write (and read). Click here to learn more about six-word memoirs.
Each student brainstormed words about their fourth grade experience and then attempted to write a six-word phrase that says something about them and their year. Then we wrote them outside in chalk. The results surpassed my expectations. No one can ever say that nine and ten year-olds are not capable of critical thinking and insight. Here are their memoirs.