Friday, November 15, 2013

Exploring Loons

Mrs. McAllister's class will be learning about life cycles, food webs, and ecosystems through a study of the Common Loon.

Observing and measuring a mounted loon.
                                           Looking at a loon's egg, skull, and feathers.
 Lots of books and photographs to check out.

Watching a video about loons with Miss Miller.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Recognizing Our Armed Forces

On Friday students in our class showed their appreciation for one soldier while recognizing others who have also served.  Private Aaron Lewis (significant other to our Miss Cushing) is currently serving in the Army in Afghanistan. 

Our class wrote letters to him to show our gratitude and to offer a bit of support to him and his fellow soldiers. 

Miss Cushing led the class in a discussion and letter writing activity. 

We found out that Afghanistan is far from home. 

Miss Cushing showed us pictures of Private Lewis. The students learned that in the summer, the average temperature was 105 degrees.  They thought the soldiers must be very hot in all of their gear. 

The students took this authentic writing task very seriously and did not need to be reminded that their letters must be respectful and well-written.  They did some of the best writing we have seen this year.  Their sentiments to Private Lewis were very touching. 

"It must be so hard to fight away from home and your family. We are all so thankful for your hard work and bravery to protect our country. I hope you can come home safely." -LB

"I hope you're ok. My uncle is in the Navy. I appreciate what you're doing for us and the country. I miss my uncle, but fighting for our country is a little more important."-KL

"You are very brave to go into the Army. My uncle and grandpa were also in the Army. This letter is to thank you for your courage. I am proud to be an American."-DF

"I am so thankful to you because you were brave and left to fight for us instead of being at home safe."-JM

"Thanks for having the courage to go all the way to Afghanistan to fight for our country. You should be proud for keeping our freedom alive."-JJ

"My dad was in the Navy. This Thanksgiving I am really thankful that you are helping to protect our freedom."-LBa

"We all have faith in you for doing great and for fighting for us. Please remember that we believe in you and your friends."-BB

"I support your bravery and love for America and the Army. My step dad is in the Coast Guard, maybe you can meet him sometime? I hope you have a great Christmas in Afghanistan."-MY

Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and are currently serving our country.  
We truly appreciate your efforts and sacrifice. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We Celebrate the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book Release

Our classes were so excited for the release of the 8th Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Hard Luck. 

We had an art lesson from the author and read the new book and other Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. We were able to order 5 copies for the classroom and even gave books away to 2 lucky winners.  It was a lot of fun!