Friday, April 4, 2014

Learning About Our Armed Forces

We were so excited to see Miss Cushing again this week, but this time she brought Army Specialist Aaron Lewis with her! Specialist Lewis has just returned from a 9-month deployment to Afghanistan. 

In November, for Veterans Day, our classes wrote letters to Specialist Lewis to support his efforts in protecting our country. He said the letters meant a lot to him and that he shared them with other soldiers. 

It was such a treat for everyone to meet him in person and to get to talk with him.

The students were very respectful and asked great questions. They learned what it is like to be deployed so far from home and some of the jobs in the Army. They also learned that a lot goes into keeping our country safe and that real people are putting their lives on the line for this safety every day. 
Specialist Lewis is returning to Kentucky shortly and soon after he (and his new fianc'ee Miss Cushing) will be moving to Colorado. 
We wish them both the best of luck!

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