Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blueberry Day

On May 9 David Yarborough from The University of Maine visited the fourth grades at Great Falls.  
He taught us all about wild blueberries. 
Here are some things we learned...
*Blueberry plants and certain fungi have a symbiotic relationship.
*Maine produces the most wild blueberries in the world!
*Wild blueberries are only found in Maine and Canada.
*Blueberry bushes turn red in the fall.
*There are many diseases that can harm wild blueberries.
*Blueberry plants need about an inch of rainfall each week during the growing season. 
*Bees are very important to the growth of blueberries. 
*Frozen wild blueberries are actually fresher than many fresh berries found in the store as they are frozen very quickly.

Cool huh?

Then we had a blueberry snack with blueberry muffins and blueberries with whipped cream!

We would like to thank Mr. Yarborough for coming all the way down to Gorham to talk with us!

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